Getting from Data to Decisions that Drive Business Outcomes in the Mining Industry

GETTING FROM DATA TO DECISIONS THAT DRIVE BUSINESS OUTCOMES – ABB DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SUMMIT. Moving from data to decisions that drive business results in the mining industry”

Many miners have made huge investments in Big Data initiatives to improve predictions, planning and operational performance, but few have managed to capitalize on this promise, as they can not manage their data effectively. In this presentation, Paul Higgins, CEO of DINGO, illustrates how Thick Data can help close the gap between Big Data and the real world, sharing exclusive knowledge about the systems, processes and cultural changes needed to create tangible business value from digital investment.

McKinsey Global Institute: Less than 1% of the data available in the mining industry is used.

“By unlocking the value of these data, the mining industry could generate an economic impact of $ 370 billion per year in 2025”

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