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Come Together

COME TOGETHER Release date: 1/15/2018 Australia's Mining Monthly - A COLLABORATIVELY- developed series of machine learning algorithms has been nominated for an Australia’s Mining Monthly award. The algorithms, developed by Dingo and the Queensland University of...

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It May be Better to be Thick

IT MAY BE BETTER TO BE THICK Release date: 10/20/2017 Australia's Mining Monthly - Brisbane-based software developer Dingo reckons thick data, rather than big data, is the way for miners to save millions on maintenance costs. The company is forging data-driven...

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Unlocking the Power of Big Data

Mark Coleman, Dingo, Australia, explains why Big Data has the potential to drive big changes in mining efficiency. When the mines are first involved with a Big Data specialist, their challenge is not a lack of information; it is a lack of actionable knowledge...

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