• We facilitate successful access through our network to Project opportunities in Colombia, which includes concession owners, developers, investors and strategic allies.
  • Just as we support foreign companies to expand their business in our markets.
  • We promote a Colombian company, developing High Technology Proposals for the implementation of tailored made Nanotechnology applications for your projects and sector.
  • We represent a foreign company with global experience in tailored Predictive Maintenance Programs for your Sector.

Market Research

We adapt to your needs, from the strategic vision of a sector or industry to the particularity of a product or service.
Our Market research and reports are supported in reliable Data, in-depth knowledge of the local market, our extensive network of contacts and experience in different industries; allowing our clients to make the best business decisions.

Our reports include:

  • ​​Market Research by Industry and Sector.
  • Market Research Specific to a Product or Service.
  • Potential Commercial Agents, Distributors or End Customers

Business Matchmaking

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the local market allows us to establish and suggest the best strategic ally to consolidate the entry of your company to the desired target market.

This includes:

  • Commercial link with potential strategic allies and business meetings.
  • Commercial references and generation of business opportunities.

Partners and Allies who trust Petrobusiness:


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