Predictive Maintenance

DINGO is used by mining leaders in the world to increase availability, extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs

We develop the Energy Mining sector, O & G, Infrastructure for the Implementation of Predictive Maintenance Programs for your Asset Wellness.


DINGO is a private company, based in Brisbane Australia, with offices in the USA. UU and business partners in Latin America.


DINGO uniquely combines experience with proven technology to help clients implement proactive condition management programs that focus on maintaining the health of their equipment.

  • Asset intelligence 100%
  • Predictive Maintenance 100%
  • Condition Based Management 100%
  • Component Life Extension 100%
  • Equipment Availability 100%

By working with an experienced partner, you can quickly and economically implement a world class program in Asset Health.


More than 180 operations around the world are a weapon to take on the daily mission of maintaining equipment and avoiding unplanned failures. Combining Technology, Data and our Team of Experts. Dingo customers, spend less on maintenance, have less failures and get a longer life.

Dingo Field Inspection App ™

Is an end-to-end mobile solution for the capture and analysis of Field Inspection data.

Dingo’s Solutions

Analytical and predictive workflow management software, based on the cloud, which transforms the data into actions that specify results.

  • Exclusive decision-making engine, based on rules
  • Workflow Management System and monitoring of unresolved problems designed to allow the resolution of problems
  • Trends according to Groups to help analyze data on the status of assets and improve results
  • Financial monitoring to measure the value of decisions made
  • Reports and customizable control panels
  • Data connectors library to connect easily with data providers
  • Secure, web-based software
  • Unlimited number of users for the mine site.

Condition management conducted by a team of experts dedicated to keeping your assets healthy and operations running smoothly

  • Daily expert reviews of all condition monitoring information
  • Decision-making informed by database of 6 million observations on over 100,000 critical components
  • Pinpointed maintenance recommendations
  • Action planning and tracking through issue resolution
  • KPI development with customizable reporting & dashboards
  • Ongoing component life assessment and management
  • Access to exclusive troubleshooting guides and benchmarking reports

DINGO’s maintenance experts will run your condition management system & processes – allowing you to focus on other vital needs.

  • On-Site Program Management
  • Ongoing coaching, training, and development
  • Work order generation and continued assessment and guidance through issue resolution
  • Ownership and facilitation of all condition and component life management meetings
  • Custom KPI development, tracking, and reporting, supported by monthly reviews with maintenance teams and site management to ensure goals are achieved

DINGO calculator

Do you need to REDUCE your Maintenance budget this year? We have Predictive Maintenance Programs tailored for your company.


Strategic Allies

By implementing this program, we are going to be able to ensure that our fleet availability remains at or above target levels, while putting processes in place that will provide us the lowest possible operating cost-per-hour.

Head of Projects and engineering, Anglo American Metallurgical Coal

Our availabilities and reliabilities on most of our fleets are up over previous years. Dingo’s Condition Based Asset Management has definitely been a large contributor towards the improvements we’ve seen.

Maintenance Manager

Mina Batu Hijau, Newmont

The Dingo programs and Trakka are some of the most tangible and user friendly tools for condition-based monitoring and asset health management.  The Dingo systems have been in place since 2009, and the results have  been remarkable. There have been many preventable issues caught that, without the program, we would never have been aware of until it was too late.

Reliability Engineer, Teck Coal's Cardinal River Operations


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